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Pediatric Dentistry

Helping Growing Children in West Chicago, IL Develop Healthy Smiles

At John M. Yancey DDS, our mission is to make sure your child’s first impression of the dentist nothing short of an enjoyable experience. Your child’s first visit is an important milestone in their life. Dr. Yancey and his team provide child dentistry services, including preventative exams and white fillings, to make sure your little patients’ oral health is in check. As partners in their health, we’ll make sure the helpful hygiene practices and techniques they learn in our practice are ones that will establish a lifelong healthy and strong smile.

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First Visits

The first appointment at the dentist can be nerve-racking for both the parent and their child, which is why we want to share exactly what our families can expect. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the recommended age for a child to visit the dentist is by their first birthday.

After helping your child feel comfortable, we will perform a thorough examination of their mouth to ensure their teeth are growing and functioning as they should be. Then, a quick but efficient cleaning is done by one of our hygienists to prevent any decay or bacteria. Throughout the visit, we’ll share healthy tips for your child to try themselves at home!

White Fillings

Although children lose their baby teeth, it’s important they are kept in perfect condition until their adult teeth grow in. A cavity can be extremely uncomfortable for your child, so we’ll do our best to preserve their tooth to the best of our ability with a white filling.

White fillings are more suitable for younger patients because there is less to remove from the tooth structure, and the fillings can easily be matched to the natural tooth. This type of filling is also less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, so little patients feel more comfortable when eating and drinking. Dr. Yancey will gently remove the decay, clean the area and use tooth-colored, composite fillings to restore the tooth’s function and appearance.

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