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Protecting Your Smile With Preventative Care

No matter what age or how long it’s been since your last visit, it’s always a good time to make an appointment with Dr. Yancey. He and his dental professionals perform a number of preventative services, as well as treatment of gum disease, restorative care options while utilizing state-of-the-art technology to ensure your mouth is healthy and functioning as it should be.

Our mission at John M Yancey DDS, located in West Chicago, IL, is to educate you on healthy tips and lessons that turn into lifelong practices. Your appointment time is designed for you to receive the care you need and an opportunity to ask questions about your oral health.

General Dentistry in West Chicago, IL

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Services We Offer

Regular checkups play an important role in maintaining a healthy smile. It’s recommended by the American Dental Association to visit the dentist every six months for regular cleanings. Dr. Yancey and his team of hygienists will perform a thorough cleaning that’ll leave you feeling healthy and refreshed.
Your gums are just as important as teeth to maintain! When not cared for properly, gums can become inflamed, which can cause serious damage to the bone surrounding and supporting your teeth. Treatment involves Dr. Yancey or one of his hygienists to thoroughly clean your mouth to remove the plaque that has built up over time.
Although we do our best to practice the best oral hygiene we can, sometimes dental problems arise. When you need more intensive care, Dr. Yancey and his team of oral professionals are here to give you the treatments to restore a healthy smile.
Over time, decay and bacteria will prevent a tooth from functioning at its best. After the bacteria is removed and the area is cleaned, Dr. Yancey will restore the tooth’s surface by placing a filling, either metal or composite used for tooth-colored restorations, over the affected area. The filling will protect and prevent the tooth from further damage by “filling” the area where bacteria can enter.
Instead of replacing the entire damaged tooth, Dr. Yancey can place a “crown” on it. Crowns are tooth “covers” made of porcelain or ceramic materials that match the natural shade of your teeth. The crown protects from future decay and gives it structure while improving its strength, appearance, and alignment.