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Trust John M. Yancey, DDS to give you the confidence you need to feel your best self. He and his staff expertly utilize state-of-the-art technology and materials to perform a wide variety of cosmetic treatments. Each procedure is designed and performed to enhance the appearance and functionality of your smile while maintaining your natural, true self.

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Services We Offer

Teeth Whitening

Nothing creates a better impression than a stunning smile. Teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry. In just a few visits, Dr. Yancey will conduct several smile-makeover whitening treatments that’ll show a dramatic difference in the shade of his patients’ teeth.


One of the most simple cosmetic dental procedures, bonding creates a more desired shape and polished look to your teeth. During this short procedure, a tooth-colored resin will be applied and molded to mask any discoloration, chips, cracks, or spaces.


Don’t suffer through life with discolored, chipped or missing teeth. Veneers give patients the opportunity to hide the unpleasant characteristics of their teeth with a thin shell of porcelain. Dr. Yancey will custom make the veneer to the contours of your teeth, retaining its natural look, strength, and structure.

Tooth Replacement Options

You shouldn’t have to miss out on life’s simple pleasures of talking and eating properly because of missing teeth. Dr. Yancey offers several replacement options so you can confidently live your life with a newly restored smile.


When more than one missing tooth is preventing you from feeling confident, dentures can restore your smile. Whether you need a full or partial denture, Dr. Yancey will ensure they’re custom-fit, comfortable and as natural-looking as possible.


Sometimes decay and bacteria have damaged a tooth past the point of no return. When this happens, it’s necessary to completely replace it with a dental implant. Implemented using a titanium post that fuses to your jawbone, implants give your artificial teeth the durable support they need for long lasting results.


Achieve the best smile you can by filling those unattractive gaps caused by missing teeth. Bridges not only serve as a prosthesis for those spaces, but restore your bite so you can enjoy simple activities like eating and talking. Although there are several options for bridges, the most common is the “traditional bridge”, which is comprised of two or more crowns. Dr. Yancey and his staff would be more than happy to discuss your options at your next visit.

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